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February 3rd, 2010 |


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Last night I was on the phone with my mom, describing the fruitless assembly line of scams that plague the online classifieds. It’s a shameful truth – I have to confess – I am one of the suckers wasting time responding to job posts on Craigslist.

My mom has some pretty novel ideas to get me fully employed, but last night’s was totally adorable: “Just go pick up a newspaper for $1.00.”

I might be totally off base, but I haven’t looked in the back of a newspaper since 1994. The only thing I look for in the back these days is for Rob Brezny’s horoscopes or the newest child-porn style pic from American Apparel.

Am I missing something? I wish I were. My mom’s suggestion for another outlet beyond my monitor showed me that she is now the one thinking outside the box! Social media is so dominant that we have become oblivious to the time-honored traditional methods of media sharing. In this very solid definition, courtesy of Wikipedia, social media is described as: Internet and web-based technologies used to transform broadcast media monologues (one to many) into social media dialogues (many to many). It supports the democratization of knowledge and information, transforming people from content consumers into content producers.

No shet. Which is why this week in New York City and four other major cities РBerlin, London, San Francisco, Toronto and Ṣo Paulo Рthere will be an all-you-can-tweet buffet of workshops, seminars, discussions, and just-for-drinks meets that solidify the impact of social media. A number of workshops are also offered to improve and hone the inexhaustible tools for communicating on a grand scale.

This is the second year for Social Media Week, founded and organized by Toby Daniels, a digital strategist and major New York entrepreneur. True to social nedia form, Daniels not only wants to expand communications globally, but locally, just like those bumper stickers that are infuriatingly vague. He is a do-gooder with not-for-profit organizations that actually make sense. Check out his start up, Camp Interactive for at risk youths made possible by the money raised in his NYC Twestival. This second installment is going to be a veritable beehive (or hornet’s nest, depending) of social media die-hards, with an expected 3,000+ attendees who will have to pack up their laptops and head out as (shudder) “real world” spectators and contributors in these local gatherings. Don’t worry, they will be streamed live, too, or it wouldn’t be social media!

But you can’t be everywhere at once this week, unless you just stay home and get streamy. Boooo-ring! You can’t get virtually drunk on the free drinks, no matter how many iPhone apps you waste your youth on. Nah. Below is an abbreviated version of what’s on the Social Media Week menu for NYC, so eat up!


Bookworms need to be at Booz & Company at noon for a panel, “The Oldest Media Goes Social,” hosted by Blogads. The discussion will be about an antiquated, deforesting form of media, BOOKS, and their transition into social media, for better or worse.

Money is always music to my ears, but not always easy to come by for artists. Musicians, who so often have to aggressively promote, will discuss some new strategies at SoundCtrl’s “What is Your $ocial Currency” at the old Tower Records Space from 6pm to 11pm.

I love “Rock & Bowl”! If you really want to make today count, get your ass to Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg. Celebrating the kick off of the charitable launched by Rock and Wrap it Up. Donate $50.00 and receive a raffle ticket for a number of prizes, including the grand prize announced this fall- A MILLION DOLLARS TOWARDS BUYING A HOME! Giving and receiving, both feel good (that’s what she said)!


HD is going to be short for How Dull after experiencing 3D-enabled televisions. See it for yourself at the SonyStyle Store from 5:30 to 7:30pm. The bad news for parents is that PlayStations are next. Sony is also handing out some snacks and drinks, I presume, to romance the crowd prior to announcing the prices.

Literati just wanna have fun. Totally score at “Obliterati” Party! Citysearch and RandomNightOut are having a 90 minute OPEN BAR at R Bar. Schmooze with some charismatic literati and don’t forget your gift bag on the way out!


My heart swelled when Obama won the presidential election. After recounting the dubious wins of W.,       I still had my doubts that a fair race was possible, and an even bigger fear of McCain winning and then dropping dead a month later. Forget about your gripes with Obama at the moment and imagine the horror of Palin calling the shots. Without the power of social media, would we have still seen such a major outcry of support for Obama? Log into the “Social Media in the Age of Obama” webinar that will showcase solid strategies for the top social media sites, as well as the history of information.

For the full schedule of events and to RSVP, go to An RSVP is required for most events. A few listings are already sold out, but the above mentioned are currently still open, so be sure to RSVP to the events you want to attend!

And so we have what is not really a Geek Retreat, but the “Only-Way-to-Survive” retreat. You better know how to get around online. Everything from making muffins to world news, social media is somewhat like how Video Killed the Radio Star. I mean, I miss having to go to the library to research, buying newspapers, or watching the news. But on the bright and instant side from millions of civilian publishers, Social Media Killed the Antiquated and Time Consuming Media Forms.

Perhaps we are setting ourselves up by being so dependent and reliant on new media, but for the time being, we have to rejoice in the power to the people, where we all can produce social media. For all the details, visit

Oh and a quick side note to all of you plastering those convincing “must have sunny disposition and be deadline oriented” posts on Craigslist, fuck you, fucking fuck! Is Craigslist hiring people to weed out and possibly traumatize these ruthless oxygen-wasting  robots? If so, it might be my perfect job. If not, I might attack this in my spare time which, you may have guessed, is plentiful.

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