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January 11th, 2010 |


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Let it be known that I enjoy Pete Cashmore as much as the next warm blooded female. I admire his business acumen even more so than his singular revival of the three-piece suit in a startup office. However, I’d noticed that for awhile, Mashable has published an endless stream of what appear to be PR press releases disguised as articles. Regardless, imagine my reaction when I discovered last week that Mashable, the leading social media blog, is reportedly set to become yet another corporate acquision.

I was…elated! Giddy, even. I reacted this way because I knew that, come today, there would be a nice, soft, vacated platform on which to ignite the Ploked relaunch. As we are the “Officially Offbeat Social Media Guide,” we are not in direct competition with Mashable or any other mainstream social media blog. From time to time, we will express outlandish opinions coated with a thin layer of sarcasm, and we’re fine with that. I hope that as the new editor in chief around these parts, you, the reader, will partake in our witty commentary with an open mind and realize that analyzing subjects from unconventional perspectives does not inhibit, but serves to enhance, good, informative writing.

With that, please enjoy the forthcoming posts by our new staff members. Take a gander, leave some witty comments of your own via Disqus and, while you’re here, get Ploked!

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