F-Bombs Are So 2009

January 11th, 2010 |


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Even with a full police force on hand for the festivities of New Years Eve celebration, they couldn’t stop the F-Bomb that would be dropped from the mouth of Kathy (why is she on TV again?) Griffin.

Sure, it’s her job to be funny and she’s managed to get a chuckle out of me from time to time, but unleashing an F-Bomb on CNN of all networks is a little tacky. Standing next to the ever regal Anderson Cooper and looking at snapshots of 2009, Griffin managed to turn Balloon Boy Falcon Heene’s name into something you’d see scribbled on a bathroom stall. All Cooper could do was look down sheepishly and proclaim in a lowly undertone, “You’re terrible.”

Sure, I love the unpredictability of live television. One of my earliest memories of off -the-wall media coverage came from Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” at the Mecca of sporting events, the Super Bowl. But, the shock value has to be in moderation and unforced. This Kathy Griffin moment was just a scream for attention and hopes at YouTube glory, and it worked. The media pounced on it causing the F-Bomb to explode, leaving a mushroom cloud of controversy behind that, unfortunately, made the pages of my newspaper.  Cursing on-air has become more commonplace these days and there have been some major moments that now live on forever in the temple of YouTube. However, not all of them happen on purpose like Kathy’s little remark.

Fox 5 news’ Ernie Anastos dropped what was probably the strangest F-Bomb with the line “Keep f***ing that chicken” in September 2009, and is now a YouTube sensation with over 800,000 views (You go Ernie!). This just goes to show, these things sometimes just randomly happen. And of course there was the Saturday Night Live incident that same month with newbie cast member Jenny Slate saying, “I f***ing love you!” in a skit with Megan Fox.

I must be getting older because ten years ago I would’ve tweeted (had Twitter been around) about this most recent event, but by now it’s nothing new. Is it just me being annoyed by Kathy Griffin and her senseless sense of humor or does an F-Bomb still deserve to be tweeted about and/or worthy of your Facebook status update?

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