Hashing Out at Kanye

September 15th, 2009 |


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Michael Jackson. Ed McMahon. Farrah Fawcett. Jim Carroll. 2009 has been the unofficial year of the death of celebrity, literally and figuratively. From the passing of the aforementioned to the sheer irony and foolishness of Chris Brown’s bow tie, Twitter followers have been some of the first to break the news of a trending event in the realm of pop culture.

Last night saw the #VMA hashtag all abuzz with the news that, yet again, Kanye West stole the spotlight (this time from an unsuspecting #TaylorSwift) to protest her win for Best Female Video in lieu of #Beyonce. A day later has brought us not only the continuing gossip regarding the buffoonery of West, but the tragic passing of actor Patrick Swayze.

In a mashup response to the death of Swayze as well as the continuing public disgust for West, the #TakeKanyeInstead hashtag has just popped into existence, once again informing the public of the popular sentiments in the world of social media. This may come to be the staple hashtag to use for the rest of 2009 should there be another celebrity death or, God forbid, another West outburst.

As of this writing, no conclusive statistics are available on the popularity of this tag, but according to Twemes.com [http://twemes.com/takekanyeinstead], it does seem to be gaining traction, although #DirtyDancing will surely be the “it” tag in a matter of hours. Some may call it crass, others may call it cunning. However, this just proves one thing regarding the Twitter constituency. Twitter users only censor themselves for the purpose of getting their message across in 140 characters or less. And, usually, that message can be heard around the web in a matter of moments loud and clear.

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