How the Internet Will Help You Enjoy the Upcoming NFL Season

September 3rd, 2009 |


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We’re officially a week away from the beginning of the NFL season. Like many other Americans, I love football and could not be more excited for that opening kick off. So, in honor of the imminent arrival of the 2009-2010 season, here are some ways that the wonderful social web can enhance your football viewing experience.

Let’s start with Fantasy Football

Is it just me, or does fantasy football feel like a bigger deal than ever this year? It seems like every marketer has finally caught on to the phenomenon and everyone from your mom to your great uncle Saul is in a league. Here are  some cool sites that will help your fantasy game, so you don’t get embarrassed by your mom or the new intern in your office:

1) Fantasy Football Toolbox:

This site is extremely helpful for every type of fantasy player. From the experienced fantasy football addict to the newbie in the office league, the info on this site will allow you to dominate your fantasy league, just don’t get distracted by team or player bias! For example, you may have gone to Notre Dame but that does not mean that picking up Brady Quinn is a good idea.

2) FleaFlicker

Flea-Flicker is a really intuitive fantasy site that is extremely clean and usable. The best part about FleaFlicker is that it has free live scoring, so your team updates in real time without having to pay for a service like Yahoo’s StatTracker. Hooray!

3) Pyromaniac

This is the best looking fantasy site I have ever seen. I created an account with the site just because it looks so good. So for all of you fantasy football addicts who are into image (like me), this site is for you.


1) Spitter

The biggest problem with Twitter is spam, and sometimes the constant stream of information can be really overwhelming if you follow a lot of people. While there are plenty of applications that allow you to group and tweak your Twitter feed, Spitter is a really cool way to have a real time stream of information about your specific favorite team.

Imagine Twitter, minus the ADD and marketers. It’s a pretty interesting idea, and I’m excited to try it out.

2) SportsFanLive‘s FanFinder Application

SportsFanLive is all about being social, and fostering interaction among fans. One of their coolest ideas is their FanFinder application, where either from your Iphone or the web, you can see where other fans of your favorite team are watching the game. It’s really helpful if you’re out of town of if you have just moved to a new city and don’t know where to watch your team play.

Great Writing

In today’s world of fancy social applications and sharing some people forget that content is still king. The goal of any social media campaign or endeavor should be to build a community around a brand, product, or even a single person. Starting a community starts with engaging and unique content that fosters both loyalty and interaction.

1) Kissing Suzy Kolber

This site takes it’s name from the infamous Joe Namath and ESPN sideline reporter Suzy Kolber incident. If you haven’t seen the botched attempt at a drunken kiss from an NFL great  here is the picture:


Now that you’ve seen the picture, you can probably figure out what the tone of the site is like. While it may not be G rated, it is by far the most unique, hilarious, and interactive football content on the web. It is amazing how what started as a football humor site has morphed into a full blown humor/ lifestyle site with an amazing reader base.

2) ProFootballTalk

Blogs began as a way for people to comment on the news, not break it. This has changed rapidly, especially in the sports world. Pro Football Talk consistently and reliably broke stories before its big media rivals at ESPN and Fox. Their incredible track record and translated into a big time deal with NBC earlier this year. Somehow, even with major media backing, the snarky tone of the site still remains and no one gets NFL scoops first.

Enjoy the NFL season! Let me know if there are any sites you think I should have added.

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