What Does It Really Mean to Be A Social Media Expert?

August 31st, 2009 |


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According to an emarketer report currently 59% of marketers are using social media, and that number will go up to 89% within 12 months. This is exciting in a myriad of ways, but it also means that more people (marketers mostly) will be claiming to be social media experts.

While there are lots of opinions on the topic, these are the five main qualities that I believe every true social media expert has:

1) Creativity

Social media is fueled by interesting content creative interaction. Social media experts should understand how to engage in unique ways. A “social media expert” who is solely focused on how to re-create other successful social media campaigns is no expert. They are followers.

2) Communication Skills

Writing is central to building any kind of social media following or campaign. Social media experts need to be storytellers, journalists, artists, and marketers all in one. True social media experts effectively fill all of these roles.

3) The Ability to Adapt

True social media experts are voracious readers and are genuinely excited by each and every tool for online innovation. Being a social media expert requires a mastery of a new language, new social cues, and a new form of connecting with others. To make this more difficult, social media changes constantly. True social media experts adapt to these changes, and if you’re really good, you actually lead the innovative charge.

How Would A Social Media Expert Adapt to This Situation?

4) Listening Ability

Social media is an extremely powerful tool. But just because it’s powerful does not mean that it works wonders for every product, person, or company. True social media experts understand the nuances of the different mediums, listen to the needs of others and tailor targeted campaigns based on a beautiful combination of technological expertise and a true understanding of others.

5) An Understanding of Integration

It seems like a new social media platform gains in popularity daily. A true social media experts needs to understand what role each of these social technologies play in people’s lives. This does not mean merely examining how you use them, but truly understanding how others use them. With this understanding, a social media expert can navigate the social web effectively.

What do you think makes a social media expert? Beside reading Ploked of course.

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