Twitter Introducing a Better Way To Retweet

August 18th, 2009 |

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One of the biggest gripes of retweeting on Twitter is the fact, by default, there has not been an easy “one click” way of retweeting a tweet.  If you find a tweet worthy of being retweeted, you would need to copy the original tweet and paste it into your status box.  Then you also have to put “RT @username” in front of the tweet.  Sounds like an oversight on the earlier development of Twitter, but they are now stepping up to correct this tedious oversight.

Twitter is implementing a retweet function that will make the retweeting process alot easier.  An announcement appeared in the Twitter Blog detailing the initial phase of the project. 

Once the retweet function has been fully implemented, users will be able to easily retweet from their timeline by hovering over each tweet listed.  A simple click of the retweet button should fully populate the tweet for you, saving you the laborious copy/paste method described above.  A nice feature to note of this new function is the fact you will be able to see who retweeted something in the timeline in that the usernames of the retweeters will appear below your retweeted tweet.

While this functionality is long overdue, it is nice to finally see it come to fruition within Twitter itself since many third party applications already have this sort of functionality.  With this new retweet function available for all to use, will you find yourself retweeting more often now that it will be a simple process?

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  • Liz Gallagher

    It’s not just the retweet functionality that is lacking – the whole twitter interface is terrible. Which is why most people don’t use it. I love tweetdeck. Retweet with the push of a button. Organize your followers any way you like. Follow mulitple hastags at once. Twitter is great – as long as you are using some other application to manage it!

  • Most Interesting Ideas

    I don’t like ReTweet, because this is bad for third and others twitterers

  • natelovesmandy (Mandy & Nate)

    Twitter Introducing a Better Way To Retweet