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August 5th, 2009 |


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Sorry…I know! My last post was also on Twitter. I apologize! Yet, there’s some big news coming from the little company that’s taking the nation…make that the globe…by storm. There are companies that would be happy to be mentioned in a newscast or blog post once a month; Twitter’s being mentioned by traditional media (TV, radio, cable, etc.) on a daily basis while online it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the “little bluebird that could.”

What’s up with Twitter? First, and most importantly, ClickZ reported that Twitter surpassed Facebook as the most emailed link included in an email marketing campaign.

“This year, the number is even more staggering. As of June, the number of campaigns that include a link to a company’s Twitter account has grown to 41,399 and 41,052 for Facebook.

Looking at 2009 month by month, Twitter started to outpace Facebook in April as the top social networking site for e-mail marketers:

E-Mail Marketing Campaigns With Links to Brand’s Social Network Page by Social Network, January 2009-July 2009
Facebook Twitter
January 2,491 1,181
February 3,176 1,933
March 4,292 4,408
April 6,180 6,726
May 7,214 7,368
June 8,636 9,506
July (first 27 days) 9,063 10,277

Which, in light of my last post, is interesting since 92% of companies state various reasons that they are not using Twitter; 21% believe that Twitter is a fad, and 45% think that Twitter is in it’s infancy stage. My question is, “Why not get them while they’re young?” It’s not like a company has a lot to lose at this juncture…

Twitter has also purportedly been, or may be, banned by two reputable organizations, the first of which seems justifiable. The second seems a little less worthy, but due to the money involved is justifiable as well.

The United States Marine Corps (USMC) has come out with a statement placing a ban on social media sites for US Marines. The statement, released entirely in capital letters, makes it clear as to the reasoning behind the move:


As of March 2009, Twitter had logged 19 million users globally, of which 9 million-plus were in the United States. As we’ve seen with the Iran Elections on sites such as Twitter and Facebook, there’s plenty of “disinformation” mixed in with the truth. Honestly, although I understand that many Marines would not agree, it’s a policy that has been put into place to protect the Marines, and the United States.

Secondly, it seems that the NFL is also considering a ban on the micro-blogging site.  Players in Green Bay will be fined for using the site during team meetings and coaching sessions, and other teams may be following in their footsteps. Yet, when you think about it, the NFL is a BIG money game, and the players are being paid BIG money to play, not screw around on the sidelines. Imagine sending out tweets during meetings with your CEO or clients…it’s simply unacceptable. Not to mention the fact that tweeting during games could be highly suspect due to the fact that the information is in real time. Why even risk the possibility of a player sending out a play?  In fact, why are the players even allowed to have cellular phones on the sidelines?  Many are being paid in the millions…it would be idiocy for team team management not to establish some sort of solid policy.

The most puzzling thing is that ESPN has established a policy that employees cannot use Twitter unless it serves ESPN. Now that ESPN has finally learned how to use social media, they are foolishly banning themselves from their fans. And that’s just not good business for a media company that depends on fan ratings to stay afloat. If ESPN only spent as much time screening potential hires as they do social media…

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