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July 31st, 2009 |


I started out working with troubled children and families running residential facilities and crisis management teams. I have been a professional writer and spent ten years creating and managing social media. If that makes no sense to you, think how I feel. Want to know more?

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Since I was a day late with my last blog post, I have decided to be a day early with this one. That is just the way I am.

I have been working all week on a grant proposal for one of my clients. It has been about 15 years since I did something like this and I am having to relearn a lot of stuff. Still, I had a $70 million track record back then and I think that I can still do it. It just takes some time to catch up. As far as I can see, the fundamentals have not changed–but the details certainly have. I do have to say that it is not real easy to make a living as a professional writer and that it probably helps to have a range of skills for producing a range of products–press releases, articles, newsletters, grants, etc.

The hardest part for me has been convincing myself that I can still produce. I spent the last twelve years or so creating and managing various forms of social media. Returning to more conventional forms of the written word has proven to be much harder than I expected.

Age may be a factor here. It took me a lot of energy to get involved in blogs, forums and other forms of social media. I now face the reality of going back to the kind of product I produced back in the day.

I am still telling my clients that blogs and ezines are the way to get their message out, but most of them do not really listen. They want–and pay for–the old printed stuff. Believe it or not, one of my problems is that the decision makers are people my age or just a bit younger.

Oh well, when the kids today are finally in charge, the medium of choice will probably be telepathy or something like that. I guess that the big lesson is that the people in charge are always behind. Who really knows where things will be going next? Not me, though, based on past experience, I will probably be out there when it happens, as I have nearly always been.

I honestly do not think that it is a matter of age–I think it has more to do with an open mind. That may be easier if you are young, but it is not impossible at any age. I hope so, anyway.

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