Social Media: Open Waters or Shark Infested?

July 21st, 2009 |


Jeff Louis is a strategic media planner, brand project manager, blogger, and aspiring writer. He's intrigued by innovation overcoming adversity, survival of the fittest brand, history, reading, and similar fun stuff. He writes for sites and is the Public Relations and Advertising writer for the Chicago Examiner.

With the recent upheavals in Social Media Security and reports of privacy invasion, it seems that ensuring personal privacy and online protection are of paramount importance. In the last week, reports that the hack on Twitter was much more serious than previously reported have come to light; Tagged, self-proclaimed third-largest social networking site has been sued by the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) in New York for serious invasions of privacy; and Facebook is being investigated in Canada for retaining personal information from accounts that have either been closed or abandoned,  in violation of Canadian privacy laws.

Has the seemingly poor security, along with the meteoric rise of Social Networks, exposed corporate and private users to greater risks than previously reported? In an effort to make our social networks simple for us via apps that share information from account to account, along with single log-in IDs (such as OpenID) for several sites opened cracks in security that are easily exploited?

Additionally, the emphasis on security has been placed on protecting ourselves from other users. As the Tagged case shows, the real danger lies not with our fellow users, but with those we’ve entrusted to keep our information safe.

What do you think? Is it safe to go into the water, or is it better to be prudent and realize that we may be swimming with sharks?

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Jeff Louis