Technical Boomeritis

July 3rd, 2009 |


I started out working with troubled children and families running residential facilities and crisis management teams. I have been a professional writer and spent ten years creating and managing social media. If that makes no sense to you, think how I feel. Want to know more?

I am having a lot of problems with my contacts–people who tend to be my age or older. It is nothing that ought to bother them, but it does. I set up my business phone on Skype. I got a phone number in my area code and fax service–a fax number that I can put on my business card and the ability to send faxes if I scan a document in. I only did that because so many of the people I do business with still use fax. I personally do not. Anyway, all of this costs me about $70 a year.

What it means is that my business number is portable. I can access it using my laptop from any place where I have an Internet connection–including Dunkin Donuts.

I also have the capability with my new Skype-based number of sending my business calls to my cell. I tested it the other day and it works fine. It took me a while to get all of this set up, of course, but I got pretty much what I wanted–and then found out that Google Voice, soon to come out, does all of this and more and is, according to Google, completely free. Oh well.

My calls in or out are perfectly clear–that is not the problem. If I tell any of my contacts that I am answering their calls on a USB Handset on my laptop, they freak out. If I don’t tell them what I am up to, they don’t notice anything strange. Unfortunately, I have this tendency to tell them–and face the consequences.

The problem is that my friends freak out when I tell them what I am doing. They tend to be my age–or older. And they tend to see what I am doing as demonic. I do not really mind being something of an outlier, but this goes way beyond what I expected.

I am wondering if anyone can keep up with technology. I can’t, though I am ahead of my peers. There are times when I would just like all of it to stop–or, at least, slow down.

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  • Ian

    It is the old 'fear of the unknown', they worry that you'll record and distribute across the internet. A popular recent technological fear is of mobiles phones which the media did its very best to persuade everyone that you get cancer from them. The same fear is what caused people to believe the earth was flat because what is beyond the horizon cannot be seen and therefore was unknown, wild, unpredictable and uncontrolled. Perhaps it is for the same reason that some governments try to control its people.

    Fear of the unknown comes from the ego which does all it can to protect an individual by keeping that individual in control of their own life, making them as powerful as possible to ensure survival, so this is seen instinctively as a threat because it is not understood.

    The solution is to show them how it all works. I suggest a screencast so they can watch you set it up and take a call in their own time.

  • FormsOfPlato


    Desist in your Canutian attempt to stop the tide of technology!

    Reconcile yourself with the fact that when you were a kid, a push button telephone was a technological marvel. The wildest technology of today will seem like a square wheel 20 (10?) years from now.

    For your Luddite friends, it's too late – let them go. I'm sure they'll embrace new technolgy at the Senior's home when the time comes.