Is Your Business a Follower or Leader in Social Media?

June 17th, 2009 |

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There is no denying the potential power of a successful social media campaign.  In fact, many businesses have dedicated employees to handle and maintain the various aspects of the social media campaign of their company.  However, there are many companies who are skeptical about the effectiveness of social media and whether or not they should use it.

The companies who are successful with implementing social media campaigns are well aware of what sites to target, what strategies to implement, and even how to measure the success of the campaign.  Taking action in social media allows these companies to further their brand exposure and build relationships with potential clients.

Where is Your Business?

Is your business currently implementing a social media campaign?  Or are there too many hoops to jump through to justify the implementation of such a plan?  Either way, does your business mimick/copy the strategies used by other businesses? What is your reason for wanting a social media campaign for your business?

While there are many factors involved in starting and implementing a social media campaign, is your business a follower or a leader in the social media world?  Chances are if you are a leader, your business “paves the way” for the competition and sets the bar on what the competition and customers can expect in your niche.  Not only are others looking at what you are doing in the social media world, but you are expanding your identity in social media ahead of your competitors.  This will help lead your business as being a recognized authority by users of social media.

Are You Playing Catch Up With the Competition?

If you are not leading the social networking initiative for your target audience, chances are you are trying to play catch up to the businesses that are.  Trying to catch up to a business who is already paving the way in the social media realm can be frustrating.  Established social media players more than likely already have a strong user base as well as a grasp on effective methods to market their campaign.  However, there is plenty of opportunity to make a claim to your piece of the social media pie and establish your business as a reputable brand in the social media world.

Take Action

The most important thing to do in order to make your business have an impact with social media is to take action.  Sitting out on the sidelines, watching the days go by and your competition develop a stronger presence will only increase your uphill battle.  By getting into the game, no matter how little you do, will start to set the foundation of your businesses social media footprint.

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