Facebook Fan Page: Learn to Love a Negative Facebook Comment

June 16th, 2009 |


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Working with companies interested in social media, but edging on skeptical, a question always addressed is, “What do I do if someone says something negative?”

What not to do: Ignore the problem by not responding or deleting the comment. This goes along with the old rule that says if you are unhappy with something you will tell everyone you know so they are just as angry and miserable as you. If someone is annoyed or concerned and goes out of their way to write a comment in a social space, you better believe that deleting their comment or leaving their comment without a response will warrant repercussions in the same space.

Easy answer: So the easy answer is that you respond.

Detailed answer: You take the opportunity to publicly respond to a concern and allow others to see how you effectively alleviate issues with your business/service.

Benefits: Think about it…

What type of space allows you to publicly show your clients/consumers that you are actively taking care of issues and concerns? You can turn a negative comment into an opportunity to showcase your company’s dedication to providing excellent service and demonstrate how you make clients/consumers needs a priority. This also creates a level of professionalism and publicly puts your customer service dedication above competitors. Clients/consumers start to feel a personal connect when they receive an individual response and in all reality, it is good for business.

Without the use of two-way communication through social media outlets, which thrive on feedback and commenting, these issues would previously be handled behind the scenes with little attention. If you wanted to demonstrate your commitment to customer service, you would need to collect testimonials or write a case study showcasing your actions. Now, your actions can be real-time and uncensored. Take this as an opportunity and don’t turn it into a social media roadblock.

Of course, you may encounter the occasional absurd and defaming comment, but remember it does not happen that often due to the lack of anonymity and attention to transparency these outlets provide… and with the click on the “x” something blatantly inappropriate can easily disappear upon your discretion.

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