How to Decide What to Tweet About

June 11th, 2009 |

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One of the biggest issues a newcomer to Twitter runs into is figuring out what they should tweet about.  While there is definitely no single solution for everyone to follow, there are a few tips to get your Twitter account pointed in the right direction ensuring engagement among you and your followers.

Give Them What They Want

As much as some people try to have a targeted list of followers, chances are each of these followers do have other interests.  The trick is to figure out what the majority of them want by following you.  On Twitter, more than likely most users are interested in connecting with the information you share, finding great information to share with others (retweets), and strengthening their Twitter relationships with like minded people.

The best way to do this is to give them what they want.  Your tweets should be useful and informative to your followers, not boring or generic.  For example, I am pretty sure most of your followers don’t care what you had for lunch unless your account is for a restuarant.   Your tweets also need to be focused around the niche or industry your Twitter account is targeting.  Providing useful and informative tweets will not only help prove you are a viable source for information in your niche, it will also increase your chances of being retweeted as well as to build a strong and loyal follower base.

Share the Love

Another important thing to remember when tweeting is to not only push your links and website.  You want to share anything that your followers could find relevant whether or not it originates from your site.  By sharing the love with other sites and people, you can gain new targeted followers as well as reaffirming everyone on Twitter that you are there to share relevant information.

In conclusion it really comes down to providing content that your followers will find useful.  Should your tweets be useful to your followers, chances are that it will be retweeted and provide a great conversation piece among the Twitter community.

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  • Eirik Norman Hansen

    Following the evolution of Twitter has been an interesting experience. I totally agree with this article, and the point is that it has become much harder to decide what is interesting and what is not. But I think its a good development for all, but not necessarily all the time. One of the really cute things about twitter, is that it is so very informal. I think its ok to once in a while tell your followers that you are having a cup of coffee, but not all the time. A nice balance makes it all so much more human. After all it is the person me speaking.

  • Charlotte

    Great post. I would like to add though, like Eirik pointed out, it's ok to show the human side of yourself sometimes. I find it very refreshing that once in a while a very informative person I follow will tweet something about their day. It makes the social aspect of social networking all that more real. But I very much agree that you should stick to tweeting about certain topics that will enrich your followers experience. You just have to remember that you're human.

  • Roland Cailles

    Agree with Eirik & Charlotte. It's completely ok to show your personality. A boring person online is the same as a boring person at a party. You probably won't want to talk to them very long.

    I've attended a few Webinars on Twittter. Most agree, a three-way split between new content, RT's, and conversation through @ replies works as a good strategy for your daily tweeting activities. It establishes you as a thought leader, shows you care about other people's opinions, and shows your human side, as Charlotte mentioned.