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June 10th, 2009 |

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By now I am sure any avid Twitter user is tired of getting constant direct messages about how you can “significantly increase your followers” and all you have to do is click their affiliate link to purchase some second rate software.  No need to pay attention to those messages when there is a free and effective way to add more targeted followers to your account should you want to automate it. which recently launched is a web based application that can automate the follower adding process.  A simple visit to their site and you can be adding new followers in just a few clicks.  You will need to allow access for TwittGeek to your Twitter account in order for the script to work.  Rest assured your login credentials are safe since the site utilizes the OAuth login method used by Twitter. 

After you verify accepting the connection of TwittGeek and your Twitter account, you are then brought back to the application.  One thing to note is that after you accept this application through your Twitter account, a tweet will be sent out through your Twitter account about using this software.  To begin, simply type in your keywords and click the start button.  A very nice feature of TwittGeek is available through the use of the “advanced options”.  The extra options allow you to search for new followers based on the amount of followers someone has, users with avatars, and users who have been active in the last “X” amount of hours.

Once you are ready, simply click the “start” button and you will be on your way to automatically adding more followers.  The script adds new followers every 5 seconds and the on page counter will show you the number of accounts out of the 200 it has completed as well as the latest username you are now following.  Should you not want to add 200 users, there is the ability to stop the process at anytime while clicking the “stop” button.

Currently TwittGeek only allows for adding new followers, while it would be nice to have a feature to unfollow users who are not following you back.  Among other things some extras that might be benefitial to the site would be the ability to determine the number of users you want to follow (like 50 or 100) or the ability to follow someone else’s followers.

However, for a free application, this is tough to beat if you want to automate adding new followers to a Twitter account.  TwittGeek provides a free and reliable solution for automating the follower adding process.  Take it for a spin to try it out yourself and let me know what you think.

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  • JamesD

    Thanks for the useful info. It’s so interesting

  • Paul (TweetFurther)

    Sounds like a great service, except that it's limited to 200 follows… which is a shame. :(

    By the way, nice blog. I may be submitting an article to you in the not-too-distant future.

    • miranda

      im confused alittle because i got onto twittgeek and i typed in my key word but it keeps saying error on page and does not add anyone i dont understand why it isnt working anyone have a clue

  • Rhogue

    I clicked on the link, it asked for permission to access my twitter account, and then said it was directing me back to the application. All I got was a blank screen. I never saw anywhere to type in key words or a start button.

  • Kittens

    Yes I agree with that and I think that tweet is becoming more and more popular among the participant.

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