Small Business Benefits of a Social Media Plan

June 9th, 2009 |

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Implementing a social media plan is becoming essential for small businesses.  Utilizing social media allows for small businesses to connect with their customer on a more personal level and helps to not only create, but also maintain an ongoing relationship.

Many benefits can be a result of a properly implemented and maintained social media campaign.  Below, we will cover some of the more important reasons of why you need to implement a social media plan in your small business.

Building Your Company Brand

Social media sites allow any business to increase their visibility and brand awareness to a large group of eyes.  By having a social media presence, the relationships you create online help your image and brand to become identifiable with your particular niche or industry.  The ongoing relationship will ultimately lead you and your business to become an authority site among the community with your now established brand.  This can ultimately lead to increased sales.

More Website Traffic

Another benefit of a properly implemented social media plan is that you can utilize the various social media sites to help drive targeted traffic to your website.  Since the majority of your online friends or followers will more than likely be interested in what you have to say on the social media site, chances are they will be interested in what you have to offer via your website.  Social media sites are a great way to drive targeted traffic to your site with a high probability of converting to a sale or transaction.

Increased Sales

Social media provides an excellent way to help increase your sales and profits.  Nearly all social media sites are free to use and take part in, therefore there is really no cost other than your time.  You can utilize your time to target potential customers and build a relationship with them.  Over time, these relationships can ultimately lead to a sale.  The fact that you have a relationship with this person will significantly increase your chances for repeat sales as well as possible referrals to friends and family.

Customer Feedback

Various social media outlets are a great source to gather, monitor, and solicit customer feedback about your products or services.  Since the majority of feedback will be instigated by the customer, it is up to you as a business owner to take the necessary actions to respond accordingly to what the customer is saying.  Whether it is as something as simple as a “thank you” for a positive customer testimonial, or handling an unsatisfied customer in a professional manner; the way your business handles each type of feedback can strengthen and enhance your online image.

While there are definitely more benefits to a properly implemented social media campaign, these are among the strongest.  What benefits have your small business seen from an effective social media campaign?

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  • Marketing Donut

    Some excellent advice there – will share with @marketingdonut Twitter followers and let small businesses know just how vital a Social Media Plan is for business growth.

  • Nigel Legg

    As you say, social media plan is essential for any business, but it is important that companies realise two things before engaging with the world: engagement is all about listening, finding where the conversations around your brand, product or service are taking place, and talking to the right people in the right way. The second thing to remember is that everything you "say" online, and everything you show, contributes towards the image of the brand or company.
    We at Katugas Social Media Services ( assist companies with both of these aspects of engaging with social media.

  • James Gurd

    Some useful advice. I think a key point to get across is the ability to build an engaged community and discover who your brand advocates are.

    Yes brand building is important (especially when looking at the commercial angle & business case for time/money investment) but I think engagement is more important. An engaged customer is likely to add more value to your business; not only will they think of you when making the next purchase but they will also be willing to share more information to increase your customer knowledge & they are more likely to talk about you to other people in a positive light and drive new traffic.

    Engagement can't be achieved via other marketing channels. Email can be great for retention but you are not having a dialogue on a one-to-one level, it is still primarily a monologue from your marketing team. Social media enables one-to-one and one-to-many conversations that build over time. Personality can be conveyed and personal associations developed. You can even reach the marketers utopia – direct selling to an individual based on their exact requirements that they have told you about!

    I know that makes it all sound rosy and simple; it's not and you need to put the effort in but my point is the potential for real customer engagement is there.

    I run an eCommerce blog with a focus on social media – please drop by and share your thoughts and comments, I welcome the feedback and conversation:


  • iopening (iOpening)

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