Don’t Fear the Fail Whale – Backup Your Twitter Account

June 5th, 2009 |

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We have all been there.  You try to access Twitter and there it is.  The dreaded “Fail Whale.”  Is it a sign of the apocalypse?  Or maybe hell is freezing over?  More importantly, will Twitter be able to fight off the fail whale and restore order to the world?  What happens if the fail whale takes a chunk out of Twitter and your account is compromised by the loss of data?  All those hours you spent tweeting, retweeting, finding followers are now gone in an instant.

Fight The Fail Whale

Don’t fear the fail whale, you can take steps to protect your Twitter account.  There are several options available to safeguard yourself.  Some options available are manual downloading of your information or third party sites and applications.

Doing it Manually

This is most likely the most time consuming and most un-efficient way of backing up your tweets.  It should probably be used as a last resort, but here is what you can do.  You can use the following links to access your friends, tweets, and followers.  Simply use your Twitter username and password to login.  Each page will show you 100 results, so if you have more than 100 friends, tweets, or followers, simply add the next page number to the end of the XML link to show the next 100 results.

Once each page loads in your browser, simply click file -> save as, and save the XML file.  Then you can open these XML files in a program such as Microsoft Excel.

That is alot of Work, Here is an Easy Way

Ok, so the above backup otpion is great if you have no life and don’t feel like spending every waking minute tweeting.  Of course there are better ways to backup your stuff.  A few options available online are TweeTake and TweetBackup.  Both sites are free to use and can save you countless hours and headaches backing up your Twitter information.  Simply visit either one of these sites and you can decide which is best for you.

Fear No Whale!

There you have it.  A few ways to fight of the fear of the dreaded fail whale.  Making a backup of your Twitter information can provide piece of mind should the fail whale happen to compromise your Twitter account.  While I am pretty sure Twitter has a great backup system in place, it is always better to err on the side of caution.

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  • Hal Brown

    I must lead a sheltered life. I didn't know people could lose an entire account, everything gone.