5 Tips to Leveraging LinkedIn

May 28th, 2009 |


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So you’ve heard of LinkedIn, decided to create a profile, added some connections and now you get emails every Friday about LinkedIn updates and you send them directly to your delete box. You wonder, “If I have a job, why should I be hanging out on LinkedIn. What’s the value?”

Simple answer—LinkedIn is for all professionals and is not just for finding job opportunities and credentialing your experience, but for networking and exchanging information. You might think that is an obvious statement, but to some, it isn’t because they leave their profiles stagnant and forget that part of being successful in life is refusing to stand still.

Here are some tips for leveraging LinkedIn for networking, learning, exchanging ideas and linking to “virtually” any successful professional who, through LinkedIn, is just clicks away…

  1. Join Groups – Join groups related to your industry or can help you augment your skill set. There are always interesting discussions pertaining to the topic of the specific group and you can find some very intelligent responses. If you are interested in a response, you can click on the author’s profile and automatically find out who they are and where they came from by viewing their public profile. Maybe the person responding is an industry expert and their opinion can be highly valued and considered.
  2. Get Involved in Discussions – Starting your own discussion in a group is a great way to “ask the audience.” Asking a question on LinkedIn will most likely warrant a thought-out response by a professional who has a vested interest in your topic. By posting a discussion and then subscribing to the updates, you will be notified of comment updates via email. You can also respond to posted comments directly on the string and/or reply through a private message to the author.
  3. Add a Status Update Have a question you want to pose specifically to your professional network? Ask through a status update. You might receive interesting responses and most likely they will be from qualified professionals. You can also ask for assistance with a presentation you are working on or mention you are looking for new business prospects and help fuel some word-of-mouth marketing.
  4. Add Your Blog – If you have a professional or personal blog through WordPress, an easy-to-install widget will allow you to host your blog on your profile. Users viewing your page will not have to navigate away from LinkedIn to catch a glimpse of your blog topics and read some of your content.
  5. Set up a company profile – When you set up a company profile, LinkedIn automatically finds those with the same company information in their profile and they become part of the network. Being in a small or large company, it is nice to see who else is working in the same environment and take a look at their connections and find out what connections you might have in common. This could spark conversation and/or give you a better understanding of your co-worker’s experience.

Overall, these tips are the tactics supporting the overarching strategies including getting involved in the social space, generating activity, creating a presence, and optimizing your profile to best reflect your personality and market yourself effectively.

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