Measuring Your Twitter Click Throughs

May 26th, 2009 |

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While some users on Twitter are analytical gurus, tracking everything possible going to and from their website; the vast majority of Twitter users aren’t successfully tracking the traffic generated from their Twitter campaigns.  By not tracking your progress, how are you to know if your time spent on Twitter is paying off?

Don’t Just Shorten the URL, Track it!

As a default, Twitter will automatically shorten your mile long URL’s if you have not all ready done so.  For the majority of Twitter users, they let this slide; which is fine if what you are tweeting about isn’t linking to your own site.  However, if you are tweeting anything that points back to your own site, it is best to use a service that allows you to track the clicks as well as other various information.

While I won’t go on to say that one link tracking service is better than another, some of the more widely used services are budurl, cligs, and bitly which was recently implemented by Twitter to replace TinyURL.  This was a nice move by Twitter in that you can actually track data of bitly URL’s without really having to do much.

Measure Your Success

Once you have decided what tracking service to use for your tweets, be sure to monitor what tweets are getting retweeted, what stories are getting clicked, and what tweets your followers seem to be least interested in.  Take this data and use it to evolve your tweeting techniques, time of day you tweet, or even the information you are sharing with your followers.

Monitoring your traffic as a result of tweeting can really help you determine if your time spent on Twitter is a good investment or not.  If you are spending hours upon hours tweeting with minimal results, it might be time to step back and re-evaluate your Twitter plan.  However, if you are spending minimal time tweeting and seeing great results in traffic and conversions on your site, it might be time to look into spending a few more minutes to really maximize your Twitter campaign.

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  • Ron Graham

    I don't see Twitter as being about "conversions." I see it as being about "relationships."

    Which is why I would identify myself as the author here, rather than use a nickname. LOL

  • http://. @karorynka

    well, there is also – highly recommend that one :)