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Using Twitter for Enhancing Customer Service | ploked.com

Using Twitter for Enhancing Customer Service

May 22nd, 2009 |


Ploked.com is all about being plugged into social media. We strive to provide informative, relevant, and unique perspectives in the world of social media.

Twitter has many uses and in fact, we have covered a good number of them here on Ploked.  Aside from the appealing aspect of Twitter helping to increase your company brand to the masses, Twitter can significantly help with your customer service and satisfaction.

We Have All Been There

Face it, we have all had our own customer service nightmares.  Whether it was sitting on hold for 45 minutes listening to some lame music before we got to talk to someone only to get transferred again to someone else who couldn’t help, or submitting a support ticket via a website form only to take days to get a response back.  Not only do you not get your problem solved in a quick and painless manner, but you more than likely wasted time spent that you will never get back.

You end up feeling disgusted with the customer support and inevitably proceed to let others know about your experience.  Not only are you now an unsatisfied customer, but others now have a more negative view on the company you dealt with.

It Doesn’t Have to be This Way

No company wants to be known for lousy or slow customer support.  It is definitely bad for business.  One of the main points of running a business is to make money; and by getting a less than stellar customer service reputation will not help you get there.

Bad news and reviews about companies can spread like wildfire through the internet via forums, blogs, and a thing called Twitter.  However, you can actually position your business to take advantage of these outlets to enhance your customer support system.

Provide Stellar Customer Service With Twitter

Twitter is an ideal outlet to provide quick and reliable customer service.  There are a few key benefits of why Twitter should be offered as a tool for customers to get help from your company should they need it:

  • Low Cost – Twitter does not cost anything to sign up for and typically only costs you the time you or your support staff spend on it.
  • Increased Brand Awareness -  Twitter provides your company an excellent opportunity to not only further your brand recognition, but also to demonstrate that you are a company that stands behind what you offer and will do everything in your power to satisfy customers.
  • Ease of Use – One of the beauties of Twitter is the ease of use with the 140 character limit.  This helps the customer looking for support to be clear and concise on the issue they are having as well as your support staff being straight to the point on a resolution.  Should the resolution require a more in depth explanation your staff can arrange an email response or phone call to the customer.

Make it Known and Be Available

If your company is offering support via Twitter make it known on your website, contact info, business cards, on site in your store etc.  If the customers know that Twitter is an option for additional help, chances are they will use it should they need support.  However, if no one knows it is a viable channel for help, then chances are no one will use it.

Most importantly, if using Twitter as a support tool, be sure you have a staff member monitor it frequently and engage with your followers.  The majority of Twitter users like the “real time” aspect of the site, so chances are they will want a real time response from your company.  Don’t worry, you don’t need to sit in front of the computer to monitor your brand continuously on Twitter.  In fact, there are several ways to monitor your brand on Twitter, in fact we suggest reading 6 Steps That Can Make or Break Your Twitter Brand.

Follow these customer service steps and you can enhance your customer service experience now in the present as well as in the future.

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  • http://www.lornepike.com Lorne Pike

    Good post to alert people to the possibilities. Some specific input on how small companies could do this though would be a great help. What skill sets should the staff person have? How do they track issues or concerns? What are the mistakes to avoid, that trip up many companies starting a customer service presence on Twitter? I like the fact that you're encouraging companies to try, but trying without being properly prepared can cost valuable money and time, and lose customers. Don't be afraid to try, but make sure you put time into preparing yourself, your staff and your customers for your new service.