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May 15th, 2009 |

About is all about being plugged into social media. We strive to provide informative, relevant, and unique perspectives in the world of social media.

Do you have a knack for all things social media?  Are you on the forefront of new social media news, strategies, or information.  Interesting in increasing your exposure to create a brand for yourself?  Being a guest writer for might be what you are looking for.

While we would love to pay people to post, unfortunately we are too poor to pay anyone to write at this time, but we can offer you a nice bio box with a linkback to your site to be included in the blog post you write.  Your guest post will also get twitted to our Twitter account where you will get even more exposure.  Not too mention, your post will be on ploked for life, so you and your friends can check back to read it at any time!  Who knows, we may even offer you the opportunity to post more often!

What to Write About?

We are interested in pretty much anything that has to do with social media.  Whether it is about how to use or do something on a particular social site, breaking news, or maybe an interesting tip or trick, just about any social media content will be considered.  Some sites of interest we would like posts to be about (but not limited to) are:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Myspace
  • New or Emerging Social Media/Networking Sites

Please take note of our writing style by browsing through some of our previous posts.  We like posts that contain a little sense of humor or wit, as well as engaging topics and eye catching article titles.

The Process

You will get credit for your post in the form of an author bio box, which may include the following info; name, picture, link to your site, and a brief description about you or your site (less than 150 characters). may make recommendations for changes of grammar, wording, etc.  However, this ain’t no english class, so as long as it is easy to read, you should be ok.  If we have any recommendations for minor edits, we will let you know about them for you to approve before we post your blog article.

Most importantly, you article/post needs to kick ass.  We are not really interested in something boring, let alone something that has been posted before.  Your submission to us, must be 100% unique and not posted before on another site.  After we agree to post your article on Ploked, you must agree not to post the article on any other site.  However, you may post an excerpt and link to the article posted on

Tips To Get Posted on Ploked

  • Bring It – Ploked is aiming to become a well recognized source for social media news and information.  If you can bring something unique to the table, chances are you will get published.
  • On Topic – Your post needs to be on topic and related to social media in some form or fashion.  This is not an opportunity to plug your own site or product.  Share useful information or insights that readers will find engaging and you will not have any problems getting published.
  • Having Doubts – Are you not sure if your idea is worthy of being posted on Ploked?  No worries, you can just submit a rough idea to us and we can let you know if it is something we would be interested in having.

Still have questions, simply drop us a line using the form below and we will get back with you.

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