Using Twitter to Make Your Site Go Viral

May 7th, 2009 |

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We all know that word of mouth advertising is one of the best and most effective forms of advertising.  In fact, for the most part does not cost anything except for the time you put into it.  Some benefits of word of mouth advertising are increase exposure to your brand or site, build a targeted following, and create new friendships that may lead to new opportunities further down the road.

So what is one of the best tools for word of mouth advertising?  Twitter of course!  Let’s take a look at some ways to utilize Twitter to help make your site go viral.

Why Buy The Cow, If You Get The Milk For Free

When posting a tweet, you need to offer your follower a reason to click on the link you provide.  Aside from a clever/catchy title, you don’t want to give them everything they need to know in the tweet.  Leave something to the imagination or curiosity of the follower engaging them to want to click through for more.

Provide Retweet Worthy Tweets/Content

Once you have engaged a follower to click through to your site, you need to make sure your tweet delivers what it promised too.  Not only should it meet the expectations of the follower, it should well exceed them.  If content is king then retweetable content is godlike.  Providing useful, engaging, and informative information is almost always worthy of a retweet.

To understand the true power of retweets, I suggest reading Understanding the Power of ReTweets (RT’s).

Allow for Retweeting From Your Site

Now that you are directing followers to your site, what if there was a way to get them to not only retweet your message, but never have to leave your site to retweet?  Luckily for you there is such a solution.  It is called Twittley and you can see it at the beginning of this post.  Go ahead and try it out (I will still be here once you retweet, trust me).  If you are interested in a more in depth explanation of Twittley, please read about “Why You Must Use Twittley”.

By using a button like Twittley offers, it allows your follower to never leave your site in order to retweet.  This has many benefits, one such benefit is that they stay on your site and will hopefully find more info to tweet about.

Check Yo Self

No, I am not referring to Ice Cube from back in the day, but rather monitoring your brand/name on Twitter.  This will help you accomplish a few things.  One is that you can see who is tweeting about you (if they have your name in a tweet).  You can use this to engage and respond to potential followers to further build your following.

Monitoring your brand/name also allows you to see who is linking back to your site if they are not using any URL shortening services.  This will also provide you the opportunity to add new followers as well as thank those tweeting about you.

Put it Into Action

So there you have it, a few simple ways to help your site go viral.  While there are more methods you could implement, I felt these were the most notable and easy to put into action.  What methods have you had success with?

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  • Hartmut Rast

    That sounds a bit like an operating instruction for ego-maniacs to me. If someone is really interested in your burps they will follow you without forcing it. Meanwhile, I see a rising number of Twitteratis who are pressurizing themself so strong to get followers that I hardly believe there is still some fun in using the twitter website.

  • Ron Graham

    I'm not quite so negative as the last guy, but I want to point out that the RT abuse committed by some "influential" Twitterers and mastermind groups has taken the joy out of seeking to be RTd, at least for me. Some of those people would RT nearly anything that has their handle in it. It's a little like the actress (was it Bai Ling?) who was said to be willing to "attend the opening of an envelope." LOL