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April 27th, 2009 |

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The NFL Draft is somewhat of a cult phenomenon.  If you are an NFL junkie, you know what I am referring to.  For many of us, it is sort of like a national holiday, or at least should be.  Out of all the major sports in the United States, the NFL Draft is where your team can be reborn each year.

The drama and excitement of the NFL Draft is unmatched by the MLB or NBA.  Most people don’t even know when the MLB Draft is and the most exciting part of the NBA Draft is watching the “ping pong” balls during the assigning of the draft order.

Why The NFL Gets It

To me, the NFL understands fan interaction more than the other major sports.  On previous draft days, I often find myself sitting in front of the tv, flipping back and forth between the NFL Network and ESPN coverages.  Next to me, I have my laptop and normally monitor for miscellaneous draft info as well as to tune in to my local message boards regarding our NFL team.

This year, the NFL took a huge step in that they openly promoted Twitter, and the fact various personnel would be twittering live from the draft.  Such personnel as Commissioner Roger Goodel, Brian McCarthy, Rich Eisen, Jamie Dukes, and the handle NFL.

I am a fan of Rich Eisen, so I found myself checking out his tweets more often than others.  He also seemed to be tweeting more often as well.  Rich also seemed to try to plug Twitter throughout their live broadcast.

Rich’s tweets were very entertaining and even @replied many people that tweeted him with questions or comments.  I really feel that Rich was/is trying to embrace Twitter as a real tool and not just some fly by night fad.

Most of the other NFL related personalities twitted a little more sporadically more than likely they were too bust to tweet.  I do applaud the NFL for utilizing Twitter for a major event.

More Social Media from the NFL?

While I am impressed the NFL took to twittering from the draft, I am wondering if it was more of a test to determine if there is need to further explore social media opportunities; or if they already have plans to further utilize social media engagement with NFL fans.  It will be interesting to see what the NFL has planned next should they decide to continue using social media.

Did anyone else check out twitter for NFL Draft information?  If so, what did you think?  Did you like it; dislike it?  What would you recommend them to do differently or add?  Did they succeed or fail?

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  • Tom Humes

    Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

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  • @dlawhon

    Yes, my husband and I followed the draft on Twitter while taking our daughter to a soccer camp out of town. I thought it was great because we could stay updated on what was happening with the draft and still do other things. Might be bad for the guys though…no more excuses to stay home :-) I do feel they succeeded and the only recommendation I have is to add some pictures to it.

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