Jack in the Box Busy Tweeting While the King is MIA

April 27th, 2009 |


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Ok, I am going to admit, that I really enjoy most Jack in the Box commercials I see on TV. I find their commercials rather creative for the most part since they do have a great brand to build on. I mean, a walking human with the “jack” head….it’s classic in my opinion.

Where Jack Succeeds

I often wonder who is behind their marketing campaigns and how they come up with some of their commercials. Most recently the one I always finding myself humming along to sporadically throughout the day is the commercial for their “mini sirloin burgers”. You know the one I am referring to…it has the “chipmunk” sounding vocals and “cows the size of schnauzers” in the lyrics with an ever so catchy jingle….if not, watch it below….

See you knew exactly the commercial I was talking about! You probably even watched the video again because you are in awe of “Jack’s” marketing and notable singing ability.

So being the social media addict I am, I did a quick Twitter search to find Jack. Sure enough, I found him @jackbox. Took a few minutes and browsed his tweets…lucky guy has a mini sirloin cow as a pet! Jack appears just as entertaining on Twitter as he does on tv.

So Where is the King?

Another food company whose TV commercials I am typically fond of is Burger King. For the most part, the creepy king keeps me entertained…Whether I think back on his “wake up with the king” promotions or his new Spongebob Squarebutts campaign. The “King” is usually good for a laugh on TV.

So I do the same Twitter Search for Burger King and found out there is not an official BK Twitter account from what I could tell (if there is someone please point me to it). There is a @theBKlounge which is not run under the power of the “King”.

Maybe Mr. King is just too busy to tweet and keep us entertained when we are away from the TV? Or maybe he is scheming up something to take on Jack? Remember Jack calling out the King in a recent commercial?

The King, who appears physically outmatched when compared to Jack in which I advise the King to avoid any sort of physical altercation with Mr. Box, may have to use alternative tactics to “one up” jack whether in person or on Twitter. Either way, I look forward to seeing how the advertising battle evolves between these two companies whether it be on the small screen or the Twit-screen.

Missing The Boat

Twitter has its fair share of companies who are using Twitter to their advantage. Such companies as @Zappos, @JetBlue, @delloutlet and @comcastcares to name a few – But what about the companies without a presence on Twitter? Can you think of companies who you have not found a Twitter presence for? Which ones are they?

Btw, before you leave…you know you want to watch the video again!

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