Examples of Funny and Creative Direct Messages on Twitter

April 16th, 2009 |


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Recently I shared my thoughts on the use of automated direct messages on Twitter.  I do take the time to read each message in my Twitter inbox, which unfortunately most of the time are pretty lame.

For example, the ones where you can learn how to get 16,000 followers from someone who themself only has a few hundred followers.  Or the ones where you get the “free gift” after signing up for a crappy newsletter/autoresponder series.  However, I have been around long enough to have seen some pretty creative DM’s.  Below I will share some of the better ones I have come across.

If you hate getting catchy songs stuck in your head, this one was derived from a McDonald’s commercial.  You know the one with the singing bass on the wall talking about the fish sandwich.

“Thx for following…just have one favor to ask. I would like you to give back that “filet o’ fish”.  Give me that fish!”

Apparently there must be a drinking problem with Twitter users, as I have received a number of alcohol related messages.

“This is an automated message…I am too drunk to do it manually.  When I am sober enough, I will check out your tweets.”

Thought this one was pretty original…I had seen this before though…but not tied into a twitter account.

“If Google says it, who am I to dissagree? http://budurl.com/coolestguy

This next one was forwarded to me by @mventurelli – Definitely an odd message, gets your attention and one that makes you read it twice…then you laugh because it is so odd.

“Why is this so confusing to me? What do I do next with this Twitter thing.I shall pray to Montazuma, softball warrior, for guidance.”

Here is a twist on the lame people who are trying to get you 16,000 followers.  It reminds me of this homeless guy I saw standing on the corner one day.

“Why lie, I need beer money…check out my link: www.link.com.  You will get 16,000 followers, I will get more beer. We both win.”

I am sure the creativity of messages on Twitter will ultimately evolve in order to make a stronger impression among the reader.  What are some of the funniest, or most effective messages you have have encountered on Twitter?  Feel free to share, and if they are funny enough, I will edit my post and give you credit.

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  • http://www.twitter.com/Hartmut_Rast Hartmut Rast

    In our modern society we do have obviously an increasing number of people who are not able to socialize on basic terms. It sounds very strange to me if s.o. implores somebody to follow him / read / listen on his waffle. To behave serious on networks is time-consuming enough, therefore, you don't need additional nerds demanding hollow figures to prance around on whatsoever reason. That's internet vampire-ism !

  • http://www.getyourVAtoday.com Christy Summitt

    OMG! LOVE the last one… More beer money. he.he. You have to appreciate his/her honestly. 😀

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