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April 2nd, 2009 |

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Anyone who has been around social media long enough knows how successful and powerful is.  For those of you who don’t live in front of your computer like me, or thought “digging” is something you do with a shovel, I’ll let you slide and give you a brief synopsis of what Digg is all about.  In a nutshell, Digg is a social media site where users share content they find online.  Other Digg users vote, or “digg” links, stories, videos, or sites submitted by users to Digg.  If a story is “dugg” enough, then it becomes popular and has a chance to land on the Digg homepage for millions of visitors to see.  If you are lucky enough to land on the Digg homepage, you better have a nice bandwidth limit on your hosting account.

Ok, enough about Digg…if you want o know more about it, just visit their site and look around.

In the social media world, Digg is a proven force among the online world.  We also know that Twitter is also a force to be dealt with.  But what would happen if you take to proven model of Digg and center it around the power of Twitter?  Well you get one very strong idea for a potentially powerful website.

Here is where steps in to put the power of Digg and Twitter together.  Twittley is essentially like Digg, but centers around Twitter topics and users.  The way it works is pretty simple.  Twittley uses the twitter API to handle login credentials to the site.  What this means is that you use your twitter login info to login to Twittley.  Once logged in you can submit a link to Twittley.  This link can be something from your own blog, your own site, or maybe something you just want to share with everyone else.  Once you submit the link to Twittley, it is also posted to your own Twitter account (this is because of the API I talked about earlier).

Other Twittley members can vote on your submission just like you can on Digg.  The more popular voted stories seem to find their way to the homepage of Twittley, however I believe there may be some other criteria involved in deciding what makes it to the homepage (since not all the stories have lots of votes).  Your Twitter followers will will see your Twittley post on Twitter and click the link to read more.  Hopefully they will vote for your submission and possibly submit their own links to Twittley while they are there.  What is nice about the Twittley voting feature is that whenever someone votes for your submission, it is also automatically streamed to your Twitter profile.

While Twittley was just launched with this exciting concept, as with any site, there are still areas of improvement that I hope we will see one day.  I would be interested in a bit more of an appealing site layout….while the one they have now is not that bad, I would like to see something with more of a Web 2.0 edge to it.   I did notice that there is not a search function unless I missed it somewhere……Also, with a new site, traffic is going to be rather minimal since the site is not utilized by alot of people.  However, that is just something that happens over time and with good marketing.

So if you have a few minutes, I suggest you drop by, take a look around, try it out and let me know your thoughts on it.  Do you like it?  Hate it?  Good idea or bad idea?  Will you even use it?

btw, I have no affiliation with the site, just came across it..if you have a social media site you want me to look at/write about, let me know and I will see what I can do!

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