Social Media? Is it a Fad?

March 27th, 2009 |

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Social media has been around for awhile in my opinion.  By awhile, I mean a few years which in terms of the internet could fly as the definition since everything online is so fast paced and accelerated.  At this point in time, do you consider social media a fad?  Or perhaps it is or has become an industry?

Why would it be considered a fad you might ask?  Well a fad is normally something that is typically embraced enthusiastically for a short period of time.  Depending on what your definition is of a short period of time is, social media could fall into the definition of being a fad.  It has a tremendous following and buzz, while in terms of actual years could be considered a short period of time.

Do I think it is a fad?  Not exactly.  I think social media is the next wave of the online marketing revolution to come ashore.  Will it last forever?  That is hard to say with the fast paced internet society we now live in.  Technology and ideas are growing at rapid rates, so it would not surprise me to see a advancements, tweaks, and new spins on social media used in ways many of us may have not previously beleived possible before.

Just think of how far we have come in the past 10 years or so.  Look back at 1999 and see what some of the “next big” things were.  Laptops were unaffordable for most, cell phones were starting to make it into the hands of the masses, and Y2K was going to doom us all!  Ten years later, nearly everyone can afford a laptop, who doesn’t have a cell phone, and WTF is Y2K?

Face it, we are a rapidly growing, rapidly evolving society.  Change is inevitable, change will happen.  Some will be for better, some will be for worse.  I do know that social media is just now starting to be exploited within the next few years evolve into communication and marketing channels many of us may have never dreamed of.

While it probably sounds like I have been rambling on (which it wouldn’t surprise me), so what is social media?  Is it a fad?  In my opinion no.  To me it is becoming a way of life for many, sort of like e-mail when it first peeked it’s head.  But that is a whole other conversation :)

So what are your thoughts?  Is social media going through its 15 minutes of fame?  Or is it positioning itself to become something more than many of us think is possible?

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  • Horace "D000RIS" Lim

    Not a fad, but social media desperately needs to find a monetization model… Twitter, Facebook all are companies without significant revenues. So, if their VCs decide there is no point funding it — they will turn into another Joost.

  • Erin

    It's here to stay, but I agree, they need a way to finance that is profitable. The old direct media is going away and social mediums will continue to grow. We've always had social networking though…before it was word of mouth by actually talking to a friend, neighbor, etc. in person….now we just talk to everyone and by typing. Same thing.

  • Peter B. Giblett

    Social Media is very definitely not a fad. I do believe that it is a new channel for Sales and Customer Service. In my article on CIO Perspectives (… I stated "Web 2.0 is adding to the corporate challenge. The relationship between employer and employee is changing. The change is more of a social change than it is a technological one, albeit founded on a technological platform. Each worker connections booth professionally and in a social context".

    In the business world we are not interested in purely personal discussions (unless they represent a sales opportunity). But in order to leverage Social Media there is a 2-way street. It is essential to give in order to receive – you cannot expect to get a sale unless you have proven yourself to be the trusted advisor in the field.

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  • D.K.

    Social media is the Univac of the moment. Its the completely revolutionary IDEA that has yet to evolve into HOW it will be used and what it will look like in that integrated form. At some point we WILL get bored simply updating each other, and reading each other's blow-by-blows of daily minutia. But as an idea, as a model of possile ways of interacting with each other, it's wholy paradigm shifting. Is it a fad? No. Its a stage of social evolution. So no more than neanderthal was on the way to cro-magnum.

  • Jeff Louis

    SM, as we've seen, has the capability of changing outcomes. (IRAN…Imagine if Twitter were present during 9/11…all those rescue units that couldn't communicate would have one way to do so…) SM is here for good. The advertising trade is changing itself around it, businesses are moving platforms to address it, and people gravitate toward the "SM SIDE" every single day. It is a social phenomenon. It will slow down, and we'll lose some of the lesser sites, but when a platform is developed that links all the biggies, (maybe there is one? Google Desktop?) it will make it simple. And then it will become ingrained.

  • Patrick Boegel

    A lot has changed since this was published as a post on March 27th.

  • Taylor Marek

    Social Media as you know of has only been around for the past couple of years, but it has been around for much longer then that… Its ingrained with who we are since the beginning, this is just our current expression of it. Something to think about… 😉

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