New to the Game? WTH is Twitter?

March 26th, 2009 |

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So you heard a friend has a friend whose cousin’s step mom’s daughter has been banking from using this thing called Twitter.  Lately, you might have been strapped for some cash, so you decided check out this twitter thing in hopes of making some extra coin.  Sure you might have a myspace account and a facebook account, but soon you realize that twitter is a completely different animal.

All this hype about twitter and how great it is, you are expecting something so spectacular you wonder how could it possibly be better than mypsace or facebook.  So you load up firefox and proceed to visit – one click glance at the homepage and you are thinking WTF?  Where are all the annoying advertisements?  Where are the hideous user page designs? And most of all WTH is a tweet?

While those are all great questions, let’s just tackle the basics here about twitter.  So what exactly is twitter?  Twitter, is a social networking service that helps people stay in constant contact with each other. This micro-blogging service allows sending updates, which are called tweets, to others.

Twitter is nothing but a communicating service that helps friends, co-workers, prospective clients and family to communicate with each other and always stay connected. Twitter helps you get in touch with others through the exchange of frequent and quick messages from here on out referred to as tweets.

As you may have noticed, the social media site Twitter is simple and user friendly. With just a simple step, one can communicate his or her message to all those who follow your account. Twitter asks the question “what are you doing?” and one has to answer this in very few words. Once you submit your tweet, anyone who is following you is automatically updated of your response.

Twitter messages are short; only messages that are 140 characters in length can be posted. Through these short messages, one can tell anything to his or her followers like what they are doing or what they are thinking or what they would wish to do. Anything can be sent through these short messages; twitter is an instant messaging blog that connects with others at a quick pace.

Apart from using Twitter for personal and friendly communication, Twitter also helps the business community expand their visibility and even profitability. Twitter helps promoting their business and finding prospective clients. It helps in broadcasting the company’s latest news and posts. It also helps in interacting with the employees and customers. For businesses, Twitter is a great place that helps in internal communication and collaboration. It is also a place where you get feed back to the products and services. If used properly, Twitter is no doubt an effective online marketing tool for both personal and business use.

Twitter is also a fast and easy way to find something or research about. Just send tweets to others and get your answers. This micro-blogging service also helps in keeping pace with the new trends in the society. Another thing about Twitter is that it helps in driving more traffic to your blogs and websites.

So you still don’t have a Twitter account?  Guess I should wrap up this post to keep you from procrastinating any longer.  Don’t worry, signup is a breeze, they don’t have email verifications to be sent out, so you will be logged in immediately!  Once you are signed up, you can invite people from the existing Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail from the twitter page itself or look for other twitter followers.

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  • CorporateKari

    So as a newbie to Twitter, I am just starting to get this whole thing figured out. You mentioned a lot of great uses and what can come from tweeting, but another thought from a conversation I had a dinner last night…I was discussing Twitter with a couple of friends; there were some of us that had accounts and are getting our feet wet, and some haters. We brought up how celebrities/athletes use Twitter to connect with their fans. There's been buzz in sports news that coaches aren't jazzed about their star players tweeting on the sidelines. While my friend at dinner wasn't into Twitter, his wife is, and he loves hearing what his favorite basketball players are saying and doing. and Also, Dave Navarro was hated on this past weekend while he tweeted before and after his concert at SXSW…So I think those who don't like it, really don't understand the power of it!

  • Wannabe Celebrity

    So, question for you… I love reading about celebrity stuff but how do you have time to gather and post all this info?

    I guess for our sake I’m glad you do, but it seems like a lot of work!

  • KerrieAnne Christian

    nice demythologizing post

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